Yes. It's a little unconventional. We like that about us and apparently so do many of you!

In September of 2015, we opened our first art show, exhibiting recent works by members of the Capitol Hill Art League, a long-established group within CHAW – the Capitol Hill Arts Workshop. We held an Open House on a lovely Friday evening, to kick things off, and it was a huge success! Many of our guests – patients, neighbors, friends, and walk-ins (we are right on a visible corner) – commented on how much fun it was to attend an art show opening in a neighborhood dental office.

For several months after that, patients and others coming through our doors enjoyed the art. We were thrilled by the enthusiasm for the somewhat campy idea of dental office as neighborhood art gallery space. So, we rotated the show and hosted another opening featuring a different selection of artists from CHAW in the spring of 2016.

Who knew you could have so much fun at the dentist?

And that was the start of our recurring art shows. Since then, we have displayed works by more artists:

  • Capitol Hill Art League: Paula Cleggett, Elizabeth Holmes Clark, Elizabeth Eby, Kate McConnell, Ann Thomson, G. Robert “Bob” Fuller
  • Photographer Amir Lowry
  • Oil Painter and Illustrator Cathy Abramson
  • Photographer Max Gigle
  • Pastel Artist Martha Pope
  • Watercolorist Tara Hamilton
  • Oil Painter Mike McSorley
  • Sculptor Kesse Andrews-Weller
  • Photographer Barbara Johnson
  • Mixed Media Artist JoAnn Laboy

As we continue to host exhibits by artists from Capitol Hill and the greater DC area we hope to see you there! Submit the form below to get on our mailing list (if you aren’t already) for notices and news about these events … and more.

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