5 Reasons to Use Power Tools for Oral Care


Using the power of electricity for oral hygiene is a relatively new concept, though it has been available for decades. Modern advancements have made it particularly advantageous. Your teeth get cleaner, and gums can stay healthier with the correct use of electric toothbrushes and water flossing. Here are five reasons to use power tools for oral care.

The Electric Toothbrush

The action of power brushes is varied. Some rotate while others vibrate with sonic or ultrasonic action. Some power toothbrushes combine the two. Other features include UV sterilization and USB recharging available on some models. Brushing with power brushes has advantages for your oral health.

1. Cleaner Teeth

Electric toothbrushing can remove more plaque than manual brushing. The bristles on the rotating head of an electric toothbrush can reach further than those of a manual brush, and they apply steady pressure. Manually, people generally get one side of their mouth cleaner than the other. With the electric toothbrush, both sides are cleaned sufficiently.

2. Reduction of Gingivitis

Plaque buildup is the cause of gingivitis. Power toothbrushes are superior when it comes to plaque removal. Newer models have even more features to ensure that plaque is removed from your teeth and gums. For example, the oscillating, pulsating, and cupping power used in some power brushes has been a successful and popular feature over time.

3. Easy to Use

Any parent who has helped little ones brush their teeth can appreciate the advantage of the electric toothbrush for kids. Teaching them the proper motions for manual brushing can only go so far with most kids. The electric toothbrush takes care of the action for you. Even young children can learn to guide the brush along the surfaces of their teeth.

Older adults and those with physical limitations also find it much easier to use a power toothbrush. Brushing can be less painful for those living with arthritis. All that is needed is a steady grip to run the bristles over the teeth. The thicker handles are easier to grip, and the brush does all the work for you.

4. Adequate Brushing Time

Many models incorporate timers into the toothbrushes. The recommended time for brushing is two minutes, the time required to remove all the plaque and food debris. However, unless you set a timer, most likely, you will not reach that goal. Bluetooth apps connected with your phone provide feedback as well as timed brushing sessions.

5. Relief from Sensitivity

Aggressive brushing can lead to the erosion of tooth enamel. Brushing with a power toothbrush provides adequate pressure but not too much. The toothbrush does the work, and some have sensors to let you know when you are applying too much pressure.

Waterpik Flossing

Flossing can be difficult for kids and older people with arthritis or other physical conditions. Using a Waterpik allows for flossing without the flossing thread. It can reach difficult areas and get into the periodontal pockets that may be missed by regular flossing. Tightly-spaced teeth make it difficult to floss between, but a Waterpik can easily get the job done.

For your best oral health, consider the five advantages of using power tools to keep your gums and teeth clean.

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