Caps, Crowns and Veneers . . . Oh My!


There is more than one way to repair teeth and enhance your smile. The challenge is to know what procedure is going to be most effective for your situation. There is also the question of terminology. Understanding your choices is one of the first steps down the road toward achieving your best smile.

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How Are Cosmetic and Restorative Dentistry Different?


Your teeth impact many aspects of your life, more than you may realize. Speech, appearance, breath, eating, and overall health are all affected by your teeth and smile. General and comprehensive dental services care for your teeth’ health, but cosmetic and restorative dentistry are specialty areas that are important to achieving a beautiful, functional smile. Here are the differences between cosmetic and restorative dentistry and how they can improve your teeth and smile.

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Is DIY Teeth Straightening a Real Thing?


You may have seen advertisements for products to straighten your teeth at home. The idea is to cut out the middleman, AKA, the dentist, to save money and time for the customer. While this may sound alluring, there are real dangers to DIY teeth straightening. Yes, some companies sell DIY teeth straightening plans, but you need to know the risks of trying to straighten your own smile.

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What Does a Cosmetic Dentist Do?


From shops to professions and beyond, life is divided into smaller, specialized units. The same is true in dentistry. There are general dentists, and there are those who have additional training in a particular dentistry branch. These branches provide more in-depth and comprehensive knowledge in one specific area of the discipline. Such is the case with cosmetic dentistry.

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Clean and Brighten Your Clear Retainers and Aligners


Clear retainers and aligners are vital for straightening or keeping your smile straight after orthodontic treatment. Wearing these transparent devices can prevent your teeth from shifting and maintain your smile’s health and appearance. Clear retainers and aligners need special care when they are not in your mouth, protecting your smile. Here are some tips for keeping things bright and beautiful.

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Smiles Go Deeper Than Teeth


It is often said that smiling shows confidence and a positive outlook. However, for many people, a smile is not a true representation of how they feel inside. When your smile is guarded due to insecurities related to the shape or appearance of teeth, feelings of low self-worth will soon follow. 

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Malocclusion is Just The Tip of the Iceberg


The procedure of straightening teeth has gone through many changes in the past few decades. New information about how teeth move through bone tissue has brought about the advancement of new technologies and techniques in correcting malocclusion. This is great news for those with misaligned teeth.

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How Braces Have Changed To Be Better Over Time

A perfect smile is accentuated by a perfect set of teeth – pearly white, well-shaped, and properly spaced. It’s what we all want. But we’re not always fortunate enough to be gifted by such perfection. The answer to help one achieve that perfection is often braces. Though common, braces need to be thoroughly understood in order to best utilize and benefit from them. 

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Effects of Sleeping With Your Mouth Open

It’s not uncommon to see people sleeping with their mouths open. But did you know that mouth breathing is in fact a common health issue that exists in almost every family?

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What Are My Alternatives For Replacing Missing Teeth?

Should you replace missing teeth?  The missing tooth that spoils your healthy smile certainly gets your attention, but those unseen missing teeth – those in the back of your mouth – can also cause a variety of problems. So when patients ask me whether they should replace missing teeth I usually say yes. The only exception? The last molars. 

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