Can Teeth Whitening Make Your Smile Bright and Healthy?


Smiling is such a natural reaction for all of us. In my Capitol Hill Dental practice, I  see patients who want their smile to be bright and healthy.  Of course. Your smile helps you connect with others and shows self-confidence. If you are unhappy with your smile, a teeth whitening treatment is one of the most popular and economical ways to restore a bright and healthy look.

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Why Should I Care That Not All Tooth Stains Are the Same?

It seems that the holiday season brings out the photographer in all of us – shooting photos with phones and cameras at every event. Add to that the posting of smiling images on websites, social media, and holiday greeting cards. In my Capitol Hill dental office, I hear from patients who avoid those photos because they are embarrassed about their stained or discolored teeth. 

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Three Popular Ways to Restore Your Teeth


No one wants to have a cavity. Only a few avoid them completely. Even those who follow all the recommendations for dental hygiene can be susceptible. Cavities are one of the primary reasons for dental visits, particularly when they signal loudly and painfully as a toothache. Once decay forms, the tooth structure has to be restored with some type of filling. 

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Unhappy With Your Smile? Porcelain Veneers Can Help


Dentists tend to see teeth first. We’re kind of experts in smiles and know the advantages of an attractive one. Cosmetic dentists have many new procedures and materials that can help our patients achieve healthy and beautiful teeth. If you’re unhappy with your smile, it might be time to get a new one! 

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New Materials for Dental Fillings Make an Attractive Smile


The cavity is a common problem seen in most dental practices, including my own. When decay breaks through the enamel, a tooth can no longer repair itself. If the decay reaches the inner tooth and the nerve, a toothache is a result. Not all cavities are the same. Nor are the materials used for dental fillings. 

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My Teeth Are Stained. What Can I Do?


As a cosmetic dentist in DC, I see that many of my patients want a whiter and brighter smile. Some have experimented with different kinds of toothpaste and home bleaching kits available on the market today. A few even try to hide discolored or stained teeth by avoiding a smile. When these efforts fall short, they look for help.

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What Can Cosmetic Dentistry Do For your Smile?


Teeth play a big role in how you see yourself and the impression that you make on others. I see patients every day that are unhappy with their smile.  I tell them about the new dental health options available through cosmetic dentistry – how crowns, veneers, teeth whitening, implants, and other cosmetic procedures can give you a smile makeover.

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What Can I Do About Teeth That Are Missing?


When patients ask me whether they should replace a missing tooth I usually say yes. The only exception? The last molars. Never underestimate the value of your teeth. Even the loss of a few teeth can cause serious health and cosmetic problems. Fortunately, modern dental technology now makes it possible for nearly all missing teeth – seen and unseen –  to be replaced. You no longer have to give up a healthy smile because of missing teeth.

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Will Teeth Whitening Restore Your Bright and Healthy Smile?


We all want a bright and healthy smile. It makes us seem younger and reflects vitality, happiness, and warmth. Even though you take good care of your teeth, they naturally become dull, yellowed, and stained as we age.  A teeth whitening treatment is one of the most popular and economical ways to maintain that youthful, healthy look.

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What Are the Advantages of Dental Implants?

Many people have missing teeth. For some of these individuals, dental implants are a good option. Implants feel and look just like your natural teeth and can last a lifetime. The implant is actually a prosthetic or artificial tooth root that is surgically placed into the jaw to anchor a replacement tooth or bridge. 

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