How to Switch From Sugar to Healthy Snacks


When parents teach their children to brush and floss on a regular basis, those kids are on their way to healthy teeth. Summer is the perfect time to teach them another habit – healthy snacking. With all the fresh fruit and vegetables available, children learn to substitute healthy snacks for candy and other sugary options.  

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How To Properly Pull Your Child’s Teeth

One fond memory that all children cherish from their childhood is that of their baby teeth and placing them under their pillow at night – so that the tooth fairy could exchange them for coins and other goodies! What a way to turn pain into joy and leave the children smiling at the end of the ordeal! However, not all children have it easy, and there may be a need for a parent to pull a child’s tooth.

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How to Prevent Cavities in Your Baby’s Teeth


Parents are usually surprised to see cavities in their infants and toddlers. It doesn’t happen often, but one of the most common causes is “baby bottle tooth decay.” While it can have long- term damage, it can also be prevented. Speaking as a dentist and a father, here’s what I want parents to know: 

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Did You Know That Baby Teeth Need Dental Care?


February is National Children’s Dental Health Month! As a dentist and a father, I know firsthand how important dental care is for the youngest patients. I urge all my parents to introduce their children to the dental office as soon as possible. Here’s why:

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Do Your Children Know How to Brush and Floss?


February is Children’s Dental Health Month and a fitting time to remind families of the importance of good oral health. Children can be effective partners in a dental hygiene routine if they know how to brush and floss. Consistent at-home care is important for maintaining healthy teeth and it’s never too early to start.  

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Children Don’t Have to Be Afraid of the Dentist


As a dentist and father of young children, I have had to admit that, from a child’s point of view, a dental visit can be a scary event. The dental office is full of unfamiliar things – people in masks, noises, and metal instruments. It’s not surprising that some children are afraid of the experience, but they don’t need to be. Here’s why: 

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How to Avoid the “Sugar Wars” of Halloween


Halloween is all about costumes and treats and fun. But when those trick-or-treat bags come home, often the “sugar wars” begin. All that candy to be eaten! How do parents set limits? Is it OK to let the kids splurge on their collected loot? Children’s dental care is on the minds of us all at this time of year.

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Parents Look For More Ways to Prevent Cavities


In my family practice, the end of the summer is a busy time for back-to-school dental exams. I see parents who are more well informed about their children’s dental care than ever before. They help their children develop healthy daily routines of brushing and flossing and provide a healthy diet. But many are looking for additional ways to prevent cavities. One tool available is the dental sealant.

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What’s A Dental Emergency and What Should I Do?


When your child hurts, it is a disturbing event. Dental emergencies are no exception. Every parent wants to do the right thing. Some injuries to the mouth or teeth are more severe than others. If you aren’t sure it’s an emergency, call your dental practice. Any pediatric dental emergency should be taken seriously.

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Here’s What Parents Should Know About Dental X-Rays


In my dental practice, I encourage parents to learn as much as they can about the dental procedures we use on our youngest patients. A common concern is about dental x-rays – what are the different kinds; how do they work; are they safe; how often should children be exposed? From the American Dental Association, here are some of the answers to parent questions about dental x-rays for children.

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