Fit For Life? Your Healthy Body Needs a Healthy Smile!


We all want to stay in shape. Exercise, healthy diet and positive attitude are great ways to maintain a healthy, young and attractive appearance. Did you know that taking good care of your teeth is also vital to your overall well-being? Here’s what Dr. Nishan Halim, dentist in Capitol Hill, DC, has to say about healthy teeth.

Good dental health = good heart health

There is no such thing as good cardiac health AND poor dental health. Research shows that gum disease, also called periodontal disease, presents a serious risk to overall health. Gum disease is the primary cause of tooth loss in adults. It begins with the build-up of plaque that causes an ongoing bacterial infection. In some cases, the bacteria can travel in the bloodstream from this infection to other areas of the body, increasing the risk of heart disease and stroke.

There are various causes of periodontal disease, including certain genetic predispositions, medical conditions, and medications. In some cases, you can lower the chances of developing gum disease by taking preventative measures. Here are two common and preventable causes of gum disease:

  • Poor dental hygiene – Preventing dental disease starts at home with good dental care. You should brush and floss daily and schedule regular dental cleanings and oral exams.
  • Tobacco use –Smokers are far more likely to suffer from calculus (tartar) buildup on teeth. Good dental care is necessary, but the best way for smokers to prevent gum disease is to stop smoking.

Attractive smile = attractive presentation

We all know that presentation is important.  Your smile plays a significant role in the impression you make on the people you meet. What does your smile say about you? Healthy teeth are critical for an attractive smile. If you’re unhappy with the way your look when you smile, it’s time to consider improvement.
Start with a dental exam. Your dentist can recommend a variety of solutions for problem teeth. If you need basic restorative dentistry (fillings), it should be scheduled first. There are different options for straightening, replacing, or whitening your teeth. Both the shape and the color of your teeth can be improved with advanced cosmetic procedures, such as veneers and crowns.
As you exercise, remember that your teeth should be as healthy as the rest of your body. Having  a great smile keeps you looking vital and young. If you are not happy with your smile, schedule a consultation appointment. Let’s talk about your needs and options for improving  your  healthy smile.

Dr. Nishan Halim

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