It’s Been 10 Years Since My Last Dental Exam!


Every year I see some new patients in January who are motivated by a New Year’s resolution! I will always remember the young man whose resolution brought him to a dental office for the first time in 10 years! Don’t be shocked – this is more common than you might think. When I see a new patient with a long gap in dental care, I want to make sure that he or she will become a regular. 

Preparing for Your New Patient Visit

As you prepare to make your first appointment in ages, here are some things you can do to help it go smoothly:

1. Find a New Dentist. If you have moved, have a different job, or have changed insurance, you will likely need to find a new dentist. Ask your friends and co-workers for recommendations –if they like their dentist you probably will too.

2. Make Old Dental Records Available. See if you can have any old dental records forwarded to your new dental practice. Even ten-year-old records are better than making your new dentist start completely from scratch.

3. Check Out Online Forms. Many dental practices provide the forms online for a new patient. If you can fill them out before your appointment, your information will be more accurate and complete, and you will save time in the office. If you have dental insurance, make sure that your information is up to date and bring your card to the appointment.

If you haven’t seen a dentist for a long time – 2,5, or even ten years – don’t let fear or shame prevent you from getting the care you need. Now is always better than never when it comes to dental care.

Remember, healthy teeth make a healthy smile!

Dr. Nishan Halim

Nishan Halim, DMD specializes in adult and pediatric dentistry in his Capitol Hill, Washington DC neighborhood dental center. As a family dentist he takes extra time with new patients to remove the stress and anxiety from the dental experience.  You can schedule your introductory first appointment with him online.


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