Does Cold Weather Hurt Your Teeth?


It’s winter. Does taking a breath of the cold air through your mouth makes your teeth hurt? Do cold beverages or food give your teeth a sharp ache? Maybe even foods that are sweet are a problem. If any of these situations apply, you probably have sensitive teeth.

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Family Dental Care: Avoid Gum Disease and Health Problems


Do you know that the health of your mouth has a direct connection to the rest of your body and overall health? Oral bacteria and the inflammation associated with gum disease play a significant role in certain diseases located elsewhere in the human body. 

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Dentist in Capitol Hill DC Promotes a Healthy Lifestyle


Does your healthy lifestyle include good oral health?  It’s more important than you might realize! The fact is that the health of your mouth, teeth, and gums can affect the rest of your body. In some cases, problems in your mouth can affect the rest of your body. As a dentist in Capitol Hill DC, I know that your understanding of the intimate connection between oral health and overall health can help you protect yourself.

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Family Dental Care Tips: Good Oral Care for the Holidays


We all know that during the holiday season our favorite treats are everywhere. The special holiday cookies, candy and sugary desserts are part of the holiday traditions we anticipate and enjoy. Dr. Nishan Halin, Dentist in Capitol Hill, DC tells how to protect your teeth from the extra sugar.  

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Dentist Capitol Hill DC: Whole Body Approach to Gum Disease


Did you know that your gums are a reliable reflection of your overall health? They suffer from any nutritional deficiencies in your diet. Your good hygiene habits are simply not enough to maintain oral health. Regular brushing and flossing, in combination with routine professional cleanings, are of utmost importance, but the health of your teeth and gums involves much more.

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4 Habits That Help Prevent Cavities and Gum Disease


Did you know that bacteria cause dental cavities and periodontal (gum) disease? Most people have heard that sugar causes decay. But what is often not understood is that many other foods – almost all processed foods and many “health foods” – also cause decay. 

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3 Things You Should Know About Bad Breath


Do you have bad breath?  You may not always be aware that your breath has an unpleasant odor. But other people may notice and let you know. It may be subtle – a step away from you as you speak – or a direct complaint that your breath is bad. 

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Fit For Life? Your Healthy Body Needs a Healthy Smile!


We all want to stay in shape. Exercise, healthy diet and positive attitude are great ways to maintain a healthy, young and attractive appearance. Did you know that taking good care of your teeth is also vital to your overall well-being? Here’s what Dr. Nishan Halim, dentist in Capitol Hill, DC, has to say about healthy teeth.

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What to Expect When Your Best Option is a Crown


A common type of restorative dentistry is a crown. Dental crowns are tooth-shaped  “caps” that replace a damaged or decayed tooth. They restore the shape and size of the original tooth in a way that looks and feels completely natural. Dr. Nishan Halim, cosmetic dentist in DC, tells what you can expect when a crown is the best option.

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Family Dental Care Notes: Your First Visit to a New Dentist


Most people will have the experience of a first appointment with a new dentist. For various reasons – moving to a new place, changes in health coverage, referrals to specialists – it is common to find  yourself a new patient in a dental practice. Here’s what to expect from a family dental care practice. 

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