State of the Art Dental Services in a Friendly Neighborhood Setting

Dental services with the team at Nishan Halim, DMD, offer patients the best of two worlds. The first is a flashback to the local accessibility, personal care, and attention that takes many people back to the healthcare practices of an earlier era. The second is a fast-forward into the 21st-century world of state-of-the-art dentistry, digital imaging, and pain-free, anxiety-relieving manners and methods.

Welcome to Nishan Halim, DMD! Read what some of our patients have to say, below.


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“Fantastic dentist! Takes the time to give detailed and easy to understand explanations for the common person on what he is doing and why he is doing it. They all seem to really care for their patients and have reasonable pricing. Great location on Capitol Hill. I highly recommend.”

Adam W

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“Great dentist who really cares about giving his patients quality care! He’s my tops in Capitol Hill for sure. …his prices are reasonable and he does a great job. His office is really cute, too, and displays lots of local artwork. I love it when a business really integrates itself into the neighborhood like Dr. Halim’s office does.”

Damon B

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“Dr. Halim takes a “whole patient” approach to dentistry and reaches out to colleagues in associated fields (orthodontics, periodontics), not only to develop a long-term treatment plan but to then regularly consult and review as needed. He was willing to spend as much time as needed to help me understand the choices I had for some reconstructive and cosmetic dentistry with a singular focus on my long-term dental health. I’ve been so impressed by his professionalism and care and recommend him without reservation. His office is well run too.”

Debra K

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“I had been a patient of the previous owner/dentist, Dr. Stallsmith, and loved this small ‘homey’ office with its warm staff. So glad to meet Dr. Halim and find he has improved on already great service. At 66, I was a very reluctant convert to the orthodontic work he recommended; however, his detailed explanation, together with witnessing others with late-in life dental issues, convinced me to proceed. Now, almost 2 years later and almost finished, he has coordinated closely with the orthodontist to address my issues, discussed my dental treatment plan before implementing, and they have both worked to meet a tight deadline that I faced. I could not be happier with the result. Highly recommend Dr. Halim!”

Judith B

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“Dr. Halim recently saw my 100 year old mother. He was recommended as he was at ground level so no stairs. We felt so fortunate to work with Dr. Halim and his staff. From the moment we walked in the door each person we met and worked with was concerned about providing my mom with the best care possible. I can’t recommend Dr. Halim enough. I don’t live in DC but if I did he’d be my dentist. Thanks so much Dr. Halim.”

Mary D

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“…One aspect which I found unique was Dr. Halim’s attention to your overall health. From your lifestyle, eating habits, to other areas of health, Dr. Halim shows how dental care is about holistic health, and not just short-term band-aids. Having been to numerous dentists in DC and Northern Virginia, I can truly vouch for Dr. Halim being the best dentist on Capitol Hill. Highly recommend!”

Derick D

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