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Nutrition and Oral Health on Capitol Hill

nutrition-oral-health-nishan-halim-dmd-capitol-hill-dcBecause overall physical health and good oral health are interdependent, Nishan Halim, DMD, is proud to feature nutrition services through our friend and colleague, Derick Deal, owner and head performance coach at Elite Nutrition.

While some people appear to eat all the right things, avoid all the wrong things, and maintain optimum health through a balanced combination of diet and exercise, the truth is that most people can’t make such a claim. In fact, we really don’t know anyone who comes close without actually working at it. The even-more-common scenario that we see is the one where people start a program with resolve, then after a few days, weeks or even months, simply give up and let health and nutrition fall to the sidelines.

At Nishan Halim, DMD, we believe that it doesn’t have to be this hard or discouraging. In fact, a little coaching and course correction are all that most of us need to realize big life changes.

“Receiving the level of personalized attention from Coach Derick has allowed me to finally break a cycle of dieting that has frustrated me for most of my adult life. Perhaps the most helpful nutrition lesson I learned was to not view food as ‘good’ or ‘bad’ but rather simply as nourishment. Derick helped provide me direction, but made sure that my food choices were not coming from a place of ‘all or nothing’ thinking. Derick does a great job of teaching how to do this.” – Nicole A.

Holistic Nutrition and Performance Coaching

Anyone looking for a weight-loss diet or purchased meal plan won’t have to look far these days. There are many sound dietary approaches out there. Among some of the most familiar are Weight Watchers, Jenny Craig, the Paleo Diet, Atkins, South Beach, and lots of variations on vegetarian and vegan eating plans. A recent meta-analysis examined over 20 of the top-named diets and found that “the best diet is the one you stick to.” The bottom line is that any of these diets (and others not named), combined with exercise, can provide a person with a fit physique, healthy blood panel, and enhanced athletic performance. The same diets can “fail” when a person just doesn’t stick with it. The problem, then, isn’t usually the diet or food plan itself, but something called the “sustainability gap.”

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The Sustainability Gap

The sustainability gap – simply stated – is the distance between the results that a person hoped for and the point at which they just couldn’t/wouldn’t/didn’t stick with the program long enough to achieve those results. It is hard to sustain an eating-exercise pattern that just doesn’t (really) fit into a person’s life. For a little while – yes. In order to go the distance? Not so much, at least not for most people. The gap between ‘here’ (short-term results) and ‘there’ (long-term, sustainable change) is what we call the sustainability gap.

Elite Nutrition provides evidence-based, holistic nutrition and performance coaching. The primary mission of Elite Nutrition‘s coaching programs is to empower individuals to bridge their very own – often unique – “sustainability gaps.”

Effective, Long-term Behavior Change

For most people, exercise and nutrition are NOT the primary focus of each day. While fitness may be an important value, the key to effective long-term change lies in tailoring what you need to know and do to the context and constraints of your life – other priorities, time, and energy demands.

The best nutrition plan for any one person is one that is individualized to fit lifestyle needs. This includes things like cooking desire and ability; how much you travel and/or socialize; and the unique demands of your work and relationships.

Elite Nutrition focuses on action over information since the limiting factor for most people is sustaining new nutrition and exercise habits in the face of “real life” (i.e., changes in motivation and will power, daily stress, work, etc.). Effective, long-term behavior change is possible when you learn skills and implement systems that serve you for life. The Elite Nutrition program provides customized design and support to help each person “stick with it” in ways that fit a person’s actual life.

“Dr. Halim is a terrific dentist. What really set him apart for me was how carefully he explained to me everything about my oral health, including using specialized imaging equipment that allowed me to see and understand all of the x-rays and images he took in real-time. He also spent time finding out exactly how I brushed and flossed, and gave me specific guidance that increased effectiveness. His office staff is very pleasant and professional. I really appreciate Dr. Halim and highly recommend him!” – Marjorie S.

 Learn About the 12-Week Nutrition Foundations Course

Deal_PhotoDerick Deal, Elite Nutrition

Derick Deal is the owner and head performance coach at Elite Nutrition. In addition to coaching hundreds of clients ranging from professional athletes to families, to time-starved working professionals, Derick has consulted and implemented nutrition programs at Government organizations including U.S. Department of Transportation, private companies, and numerous fitness businesses from CrossFit to Yoga.


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