Looking for a New Dentist? Here’s How to Find the Best Fit

Looking for a new dentist is a big deal. You’re not just searching for someone to clean your teeth. The right dental practice allows you to feel comfortable and safe, whether you’re going for a routine procedure or a dental emergency. Here’s what the American Dental Association suggests you do to find the best dental fit for you and your family.

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Why Is Comprehensive Dentistry the Best Approach?

In my lifetime dentistry has evolved from a narrow focus on teeth and gums to an awareness of how dental health connects to a patient’s total health and well-being. We know, for example, that several types of cardiovascular diseases may be related to oral health. And lifestyle choices like smoking and diet are linked to tooth decay and gum disease. In my practice, I promote a comprehensive approach to dentistry that addresses the overall health status of my patients.

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It’s Been 10 Years Since My Last Dental Exam!


Every year I see some new patients in January who are motivated by a New Year’s resolution! I will always remember the young man whose resolution brought him to a dental office for the first time in 10 years! Don’t be shocked – this is more common than you might think. When I see a new patient with a long gap in dental care, I want to make sure that he or she will become a regular. 

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Why Do I Need a Dental Checkup?


You may be diligent about your at-home dental hygiene routine – daily brushing and flossing – but there are still good reasons for have regular dental checkups. Dr. Nishan Halim, Capitol Hill DC  dentist, tells why professional dental exams are a critical factor in maintaining healthy teeth.  

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