When Should I See An Oral Surgeon?


In my practice, I frequently refer patients to an oral surgeon for extractions. For example, oral surgeons commonly remove impacted wisdom teeth and perform the surgical aspect of a dental implant procedure. But oral surgeons, also known as maxillofacial surgeons, are also trained to perform surgery on the mouth and jaw. 

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What Are My Options for Replacing Missing Teeth?


Never underestimate the value of your teeth. Even the loss of a few teeth can cause serious health and cosmetic problems. Fortunately, modern dental technology now makes it possible for nearly all missing teeth to be replaced. You no longer have to give up a healthy smile because of missing teeth.

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How to Take Years Off Your Smile


Does your smile look old? A smile is one of the most important parts of your face – an attractive smile takes years off your appearance. As we age, even the hardiest and healthiest of natural teeth will show signs of wear and tear. 

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What to Expect When Your Best Option is a Crown


A common type of restorative dentistry is a crown. Dental crowns are tooth-shaped  “caps” that replace a damaged or decayed tooth. They restore the shape and size of the original tooth in a way that looks and feels completely natural. Dr. Nishan Halim, cosmetic dentist in DC, tells what you can expect when a crown is the best option.

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Dentist in Capitol Hill DC: Why You Should Replace a Missing Tooth


Should I replace it or not? Many patients have questions about the need to replace their missing teeth. I recently received an email from one of my own family dental care patients who wanted to know whether to replace a molar. Here’s the question and my answer:  

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Straighten Your Teeth Without Braces? Cosmetic Dentist in DC Tells How


Are you unhappy with your smile? Are you teeth crowded or crooked?  Today there are less expensive and less time-consuming alternatives to orthodontics that can give your teeth the appearance of  perfect alignment. If you problem is not too severe, one of these may be just right for you.

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Cosmetic Dentist in DC: What You Should Know About Replacing Teeth


A missing tooth can spoil your healthy smile. But did you know that unseen missing teeth – those in the back of your mouth – can also cause a variety of problems.  Dentists recommend that nearly all your missing teeth should be replaced. The only exception? The last molars.

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Improve Your Smile With New Life for Older Teeth


It is a fact of life that the passage of time takes its toll on our teeth and dental work. After all, our teeth work hard for us every day. Even the hardiest and healthiest of natural teeth will show signs of wear and tear.

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Dental Implants: Near Natural Replacement Teeth


If you have missing teeth or uncomfortable dentures, dental implants may be an option. Implants are a life-long investment that feel and look just like your natural teeth. The implant is actually a prosthetic or artificial tooth root that is surgically placed into the jaw to anchor a replacement tooth or bridge. 

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