What Does a Cosmetic Dentist Do?


From shops to professions and beyond, life is divided into smaller, specialized units. The same is true in dentistry. There are general dentists, and there are those who have additional training in a particular dentistry branch. These branches provide more in-depth and comprehensive knowledge in one specific area of the discipline. Such is the case with cosmetic dentistry.

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Will My General Dentist Tell Me If I Need a Specialist?


The average person thinks of The Dentist as one person who can remedy all oral ailments. While the general dentist knows about most procedures in the dental field, there are several branches of dentistry that require specialized training to deal with particular kinds of dental care.

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When Should I See An Oral Surgeon?


In my practice, I frequently refer patients to an oral surgeon for extractions. For example, oral surgeons commonly remove impacted wisdom teeth and perform the surgical aspect of a dental implant procedure. But oral surgeons, also known as maxillofacial surgeons, are also trained to perform surgery on the mouth and jaw. 

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