5 Reasons to Use Power Tools for Oral Care


Using the power of electricity for oral hygiene is a relatively new concept, though it has been available for decades. Modern advancements have made it particularly advantageous. Your teeth get cleaner, and gums can stay healthier with the correct use of electric toothbrushes and water flossing. Here are five reasons to use power tools for oral care.

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What Causes Cavities?


Dental caries, or cavities, begin with a tiny hole in the tooth enamel. As time progresses, the hole becomes larger and more tooth structure becomes decayed. In the worst-case scenario, the decay progresses and attacks the nerve center of the tooth. But what causes cavities to form in the first place?

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What Can I Do to Prevent Dental Plaque on My Teeth?

Did you know that dental plaque – a sticky substance made of bacteria, mucus, and food – is continually forming on our teeth? It’s that slimy coating that you can feel by running your tongue over the front of your teeth. If you don’t remove it with thorough daily brushing and cleaning between teeth, it can damage your teeth and gums.

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How To Connect Your Lifestyle and Oral Health

Did you know that men are far more likely than women to neglect their oral health – in some cases, for years? Lots of men don’t brush and floss on a regular basis and avoid dental visits for cleanings and exams. Some of the  healthiest and fittest guys are guilty. 

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Did You Know That It’s Risky To Not Floss?

It’s sad but true. Men are far more likely than women to neglect their oral health – in some cases, for years? Lots of men don’t brush their teeth on a regular basis and avoid dental visits for cleanings and exams. Some of the healthiest and fittest guys are guilty. Flossing is even more challenging for some of these guys.

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Do I Really Need Regular Visits to My Dentist?

With regular dental care, your teeth can stay healthy and last for your lifetime. That’s the best reason to commit to an at-home regimen of brushing and flossing AND regular dental checkups. If you neglect your teeth, you may not become aware of any dental problems until your teeth are already damaged. Regular visits to the dentist can save you time and money, and help you maintain an attractive and healthy smile.

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How to Keep Your Family’s Teeth Healthy


Do you know that the health of your mouth has a direct connection to the rest of your body and overall health? Oral bacteria and the inflammation associated with gum disease play a significant role in certain diseases located elsewhere in the human body. 

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Do Your Children Know How to Brush and Floss?


February is Children’s Dental Health Month and a fitting time to remind families of the importance of good oral health. Children can be effective partners in a dental hygiene routine if they know how to brush and floss. Consistent at-home care is important for maintaining healthy teeth and it’s never too early to start.  

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How to Enjoy Holiday Treats and Protect Your Teeth


We all know that during the holiday season our favorite treats are everywhere. The special holiday cookies, candy, and sugary desserts are part of the holiday traditions we anticipate and enjoy. Even though sugary foods can damage your teeth, you can still enjoy holiday treats. Here’s how to protect your teeth from the extra sugar.  

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What is Halitosis and Why Do You Get It?


Have you ever have bad breath? It’s fairly common. Even if you aren’t aware of it, other people may notice and let you know. It may be subtle – a step away from you as you speak – or a direct complaint that your breath is bad. When a patient asks me what causes their bad breath, here’s what I say: 

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