How to Switch From Sugar to Healthy Snacks


When parents teach their children to brush and floss on a regular basis, those kids are on their way to healthy teeth. Summer is the perfect time to teach them another habit – healthy snacking. With all the fresh fruit and vegetables available, children learn to substitute healthy snacks for candy and other sugary options.  

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A Tooth Friendly Diet for Your Healthy Smile

You can brush and floss all you want, but if you don’t maintain a proper diet, your teeth may still suffer. What does that mean? One recommendation is that processed foods should be avoided as much as possible. They are bad for a healthy smile, but they also contribute to a number of general health problems.

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Is Sugar the Enemy of Healthy Teeth?


We tend to celebrate our favorite holidays with food – often items with lots of sugar. Just think about all the desserts we associate with holiday celebrations. Cookies, cakes, and candies surround us with delicious temptation. Is it possible to maintain healthy teeth and enjoy some of the season’s special food delights?

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Why Limit Sugar for a Tooth Friendly Diet?


We’re approaching the holidays, and that means sugar, sugar, and more sugar. Pies, cakes, and other sweet desserts will be surrounding us for the next few months, which means we have to be especially vigilant about brushing our teeth and keeping them healthy. 

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