Waterpik vs. Traditional Flossing – Which One Is Better?

Are Waterpiks better than traditional Flossing?

One of the most widely spoken about debates in the world of dentistry today is the one between waterpik and flossing for dental cleaning. While waterpik has been recently developed as a tooth cleaning method, it has gained widespread popularity due to the many advantages it offers. Before I move on to discuss a few of those pointers, it is essential to understand what exactly Waterpik is.

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It’s Been 10 Years Since My Last Dental Exam!


Every year I see some new patients in January who are motivated by a New Year’s resolution! I will always remember the young man whose resolution brought him to a dental office for the first time in 10 years! Don’t be shocked – this is more common than you might think. When I see a new patient with a long gap in dental care, I want to make sure that he or she will become a regular. 

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