6 Reasons to Address Toothache Pain Sooner Rather Than Later


Living with toothache pain one moment longer than necessary may seem like agony. The cost of doing so affects your comfort level, time, and budget. Usually, any problems developing will be discovered in your annual checkup, before they become serious issues. Sadly, for one reason or another, it’s not always possible to have an annual checkup.

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What To Do When Your Tooth Hurts


Now and then I see a patient who has nurtured a toothache for too long. “I have had this toothache for months, and the ibuprofen doesn’t seem to help.” The sad truth is that now there’s most likely a decay-ridden tooth. If the patient wants to save the tooth, the options are limited. In the most severe cases, a root canal and crown or extraction and replacement with an implant will be required.

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