Teeth Straightening Not So Boring With Colorful Braces


Will your children need braces?  It is common for children to see an orthodontist by age 7 to check for crowded, spaced, or crooked teeth and misaligned jaws and bite. Children today have more options for teeth straightening than ever before and some of them are becoming fashion statements. 

Dental braces have changed a lot and for many children, they have become a rite of passage. Some can’t wait to get their own uniquely colored braces. Those tiny elastic bands that go around each bracket give the braces their distinctive color. What parents need to know is that their children have seemingly endless options for choosing the colors for their braces. Here are some tips for helping your child make the right choice:

  1. Traditional metal or ceramic braces use the elastic bands. Ceramic braces, which are tooth-colored or clear and less noticeable, are a good option for children who don’t want to advertise the new hardware in their mouth. The elastic bands are available in both clear and colored options. For those who are eager to make the fashion statement, both types can accept the colored bands.
  2. Some orthodontists use a color wheel – 20-30 options – to help with the choice. Check in advance to see if you can access that wheel online. Most kids need some counseling on these color decisions. For example:
    • Avoid strange or unattractive colors that make the teeth look yellow or unclean
    • They can mix and match colors to follow a theme of school colors or special events
    • It’s OK to have fun with the color scheme, to personalize it
    • If they choose a color don’t like it, they can change it at the next appointment
  3. Ceramic braces are less noticeable and more expensive than metal braces. One advantage is that the ceramic option gives the wearer the choice to switch between a colorful display with the colored bands or a low-key look with the clear bands.

The next time you take your kids for their dental checkups, talk to your dentist about any problems and ask for advice on referral to an orthodontist. Pediatric Orthodontics may be the right treatment for your family.

Remember, healthy teeth make your healthy smile!

Dr. Nishan Halim

Invisalign is now available. Our team is proud to offer it to those patients for whom it may be the perfect solution to a fabulous smile! Don’t wait.


Nishan Halim, DMD, is a DC dentist who specializes in adult and pediatric restorative and cosmetic dentistry, as well as preventive dentistry, in this Capitol Hill, Washington DC neighborhood dental center. We can refer children to Orthodontists who specialize in Pediatric Services.  To find out more schedule an appointment at your convenience.

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