What Can I Do About Teeth That Are Missing?


When patients ask me whether they should replace a missing tooth I usually say yes. The only exception? The last molars. Never underestimate the value of your teeth. Even the loss of a few teeth can cause serious health and cosmetic problems. Fortunately, modern dental technology now makes it possible for nearly all missing teeth – seen and unseen –  to be replaced. You no longer have to give up a healthy smile because of missing teeth.

Here are four options for replacing missing teeth. Each one offers a solution to a specific problem.

  • Removable Bridges – (removable partial dentures) are made of porcelain or composite material and metal clasps that allow the teeth to hook onto neighboring teeth. Removable bridges are the most economical option for replacing missing teeth but the metal clasps make them the least aesthetically pleasing option.
  • Fixed Bridges (fixed partial dentures) are made of porcelain or composite material and are attached to neighboring teeth and cemented in place. Good for replacing one or more teeth, it is sturdy and is more comfortable and longer lasting than a removable bridge.
  • Dentures (complete dentures) are removable prostheses that replace all of the teeth in a dental arch (upper and/or lower). It is used when all of the natural teeth are missing and is an economical method of replacing all the teeth. The overdenture is a type of complete denture that fits over any remaining teeth or implants.
  • Dental implants are great for replacing one or more missing teeth. A dental implant is an artificial root that is surgically placed into the jaw bone to replace a missing tooth. An artificial tooth is placed on the implant, giving the appearance and feel of a natural tooth. Implants are very stable, durable, and are the most aesthetically pleasing tooth replacement option.

Note: If you are considering dental implants, discuss all your options with your dentist. Implant treatment is complex and usually, involves a team of dental professionals.

Each of these can be successful and there is often more than one option for your particular situation. Your dentist is your best source of advice and information about these options. An important factor in your decision may be your expectations about dental treatments and maintenance.

For more information: What You Should Know About Replacing Teeth.  

Remember, healthy teeth make a healthy smile!

Dr. Nishan Halim


Nishan Halim, DMD specializes in adult and pediatric restorative and cosmetic dentistry, as well as preventive dentistry, which is at the heart of this Capitol Hill, Washington DC neighborhood dental center. He is committed to helping all his patients maintain healthy and attractive teeth. If you are missing teeth, contact Dr. Halim to schedule an appointment.

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